"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."
-Wernher von Braun

As a researcher with a strong background in computer science and physics, I am passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and the railway industry. My focus has been on applying innovative solutions, such as blockchain technology for digital ticketing, routing systems, and supply chain management, as well as working on crowd management and navigation in a post-COVID-19 context. My dedication to advancing the industry has led me to present my findings at prestigious conferences on big data, railway technology, and transport ticketing, highlighting my commitment to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.


Current Projects

Here is a list of projects I am currently working on.

Project STUB

Project STUB is a research effort funded by the TruBlo consortium that aims to use blockchain technology to bring smart ticketing to the transportation industry. The project explores a unique approach that combines an ontology with a blockchain to create a new data structure. The goal of Project STUB is to demonstrate the feasibility of using blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we handle ticketing in the transport sector.

Project In2Track3

Project In2Track3 is a research project that focuses on using machine learning to predict the degradation of track geometry on two sections of railway in Great Britain. It involves collaboration with Network Rail and is part of the Shift2Rail initiative. The project incorporates various data sources, including weather data, geology data, and information about the track, to develop a machine learning model that can accurately predict track degradation. The goal of Project In2Track3 is to improve track maintenance and overall rail infrastructure management through the use of advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques.

Project MoBS

Project MoBS is a research project that focuses on the development of blockchain decision frameworks. It aims to help potential users determine if blockchain technology is the right choice for their needs or if an alternative solution should be considered. The project explores a departure from traditional decision tree frameworks and instead proposes the use of score-based approaches to make technology choices. The ultimate goal of Project MoBS is to provide practical guidance for individuals and organizations looking to implement blockchain technology.

Project New Normal

Project New Normal is a research project that aims to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on rail usage. The project involves a survey of rail users in Great Britain and a similar survey conducted by a partner university in China. The survey asked participants about their railway usage before, during, and after the pandemic. The results of the survey are being analyzed to identify changes in behavior and establish trends in rail usage. The goal of Project New Normal is to gain a deeper understanding of how the pandemic has affected rail usage and inform future policy and planning decisions in the railway industry.

Project UoB Transport

Project UoB Transport is a research project that aims to understand travel patterns of staff and students at the University of Birmingham. The project involved a survey of individuals to gather information about how they travel to and from work. The data collected is being analyzed to identify patterns and establish trends in travel behavior. The goal of Project UoB Transport is to gain insights into the travel habits of the university community and inform future transportation planning and policy decisions.


Title Publisher Year
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An Analysis of Track Geometry Data in Combination with Supporting Exogenous Sources Using Linear Regression Techniques Transport Research Arena November 2022
Sharing is Caring: Redefining the Smart Ticket to Facilitate Technical Innovation Within Smart Ticketing Infrastructures World Congress on Railway Research June 2022
Developing a 5G-enabled crowd management and passenger navigation solution for post-COVID-19 multi-modal travel World Congress on Railway Research June 2022
A video game-inspired approach for a pedestrian guidance system within a railway station IEEE International Conference on Big Data December 2021
Ticket to Ride: An Investigation Into the Use Of Blockchain Technology in the Rail Industry University of Birmingham September 2020
Blockchain technology as a mechanism for digital railway ticketing IEEE International Conference on Big Data December 2019
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A Review of Prospective Applications of Blockchain Technology in the Railway Industry International Conference on Railway Technology September 2018