My research is focused on the application of computer science within the railway industry, particularly in the use of blockchain, machine learning, and data integration. I examine data generated by trains and related systems to find ways of integrating it to make it more useful. My aim is to drive innovation and improvement within the railway sector through the effective application of technology. For details on my work and a list of my publications, please click below.



I teach a broad range of subjects across a range of levels, and am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have supervised Masters students undertaking final year projects, and provide guest lectures on topics related to my research. For more information on my teaching, please click below.


As part of my outreach activities, I run the Pint of Science festival and give guest lectures. Through these efforts, I aim to engage the general public and share my knowledge and passion for computer science in the railway industry. I believe in the importance of promoting science education and making technical concepts accessible and enjoyable for everyone.