My research explores the intersection of computer science and the rail industry, applying innovative solutions to drive improvement. I use a variety of exciting technologies and techniques to achieve this, including blockchains, data science, and artificial intelligence. My roles as a University of Birmingham Research Fellow and an independent consultant enable me to work with a range of industry stakeholders, and build a network to strive towards a digital transportation ecosystem.

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I have taught a range of subjects at University level, and am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have supervised Masters students undertaking final year projects, and provide guest lectures on topics related to my research.


As part of my outreach activities, I have been involved with the Pint of Science festival, given guest lectures, and am . Through these efforts, I aim to engage the general public and share my knowledge and passion for computer science in the railway industry. I believe in the importance of promoting science education and making technical concepts accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Please feel free to read some of my articles.

Reclaiming the Ritual: A Challenge to the Overcaffeination Nation

This article emphasises the negative consequences of mindless consumption of tea and coffee and highlights the importance of approaching tea and coffee consumption as opportunities for ritual and mindfulness, with a quickstop tour of tea and coffee cultures around the world showing diverse ways in which tea and coffee are brewed and consumed, exploring their social and cultural significance.

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Blockchain Technology for the Supply Chain and the Internet of Things

The article describes how blockchain can be used as an alternative method for managing the supply chain, providing transparency, trustworthiness, and cost-effectiveness, without requiring intermediaries, and also highlights its potential benefits for the rail industry.

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Blockchain Technology for Smart Ticketing

The article explains how the blockchain-based platform called STUB is developed to create a digital equivalent of a paper ticket recognised by all train operators in Great Britain, which helps improve the passengers' experience, reduces waste, and benefits the GB railway's passenger and commercial experience, although it requires an overhaul of ticket validation points and passengers need to provide credentials to sign up and have a device to access their tickets.

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